Anna Isabelle ‘Sai’ Villafuerte is a writer and photographer from the Philippines. Her primary medium involves analogue photography techniques complemented by an affective and personal approach to prose and essay writing.

At the age of fifteen, Sai was awarded the ‘Student Prize for Film Photography’ during an Oxbridge-sponsored academic programme in Lycée Notre Dame de Sion, ParisIn 2015, she received the Visual and Creative Arts award from the Council for Independent Education (CIFE) where she was acknowledged for her “imaginative ambition, stylistic control and superb sense of narrative structure.” She studied her BSc in International Politics at City, University of London where she graduated with first-class honours. She is currently reading for an MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Oxford and is also the editorial coordinator for Oxford Urbanists.

She regularly writes about the arts and current affairs where her writing has been published in outlets including The Huffington Post, Roman Road Journal and intern

By choosing to photograph ‘ordinary’ places, Sai makes them extraordinary. Beauty can be found in any setting and she gives every place she photographs the story it so rightfully deserves. It is a rare and special skill to tell the narrative of places where one does not naturally appreciate its allure. When done with her unique, experimental style it allows for more people to relate and understand her pictures by connecting it to their everyday lives.

— Excerpt from interview with Unloop, July 2017